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Eye emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere. At The Optical Connection, we’re dedicated to being there for you when you need us the most. 

If you are experiencing an eye emergency, please contact us right away for an emergency appointment. If our offices are closed, find your nearest drop-in clinic or emergency room. If you need immediate assistance, please call 911. 

How Do You Know If You’re Having an Emergency?

Eye emergencies aren’t always as obvious as other types of medical emergencies. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms or have suffered an injury to the eye, contact us immediately. 

  • Sudden pain, burning, stinging, or swelling 
  • Bleeding or bruising of the eye 
  • Sudden onset of double vision 
  • Partial or complete loss of vision 
  • Sudden onset of floaters or flashes
  • The eyes are moving separately from each other
  • A foreign object stuck in the eye 
  • A scratch on the surface of your eye
  • Chemical contact 
  • Severe itchiness around the eye

Common Eye Emergencies

Eye emergencies can come in many forms. The most common type of eye emergencies we treat at The Optical Connection include:

Eye Disease

Certain eye diseases can result in severe symptoms, especially if your eye disease has been left untreated. If you are experiencing any symptoms, your vision may be in danger, and you should seek help immediately.

Chemical injuries occur when a chemical enters your eyes. Depending on the chemical, you may experience slight irritation to extreme discomfort. No matter the type of chemical you’ve been exposed to, you should begin washing your eye out with lukewarm water for at least 10 minutes. Then you should seek medical attention.

From eyelashes to specs of dirt, our eyes are used to having foreign objects in them. Although it is uncomfortable, these types of foreign objects don’t usually require emergency attention.

Unfortunately, sometimes larger foreign objects, such as glass or metal, can end up in our eyes and can threaten our eye health significantly. If you have a larger foreign object enter your eye, do not touch it and seek emergency help immediately.

Any trauma to the head, neck or face, puts our eye health at risk. Even if your eyes don’t seem to be affected, you must receive medical attention if you’ve gone through any blunt trauma.

What to do in an Emergency

We understand how scary an emergency situation can be. If you find yourself experiencing an eye emergency, you should:

  • Stay calm 
  • Avoid trying to fix the issue yourself
  • Avoid putting any eye drops or medications into the eye 
  • Seek help from a medical professional, whether it be us at The Optical Connection, a walk-in clinic, or the hospital 
  • Contact someone to help you until you can get professional help 

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